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Spring Term Visits

Look at the list below to see the visits available during the Spring months. 
Please message me for availability

All visits take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

All snacks, drinks and equipment will be provided.
If there are any pupils in your group with food allergies,
please bring your own snacks to ensure that they are safe for them.

For more information about these visits please see the main VISITS & BOOKINGS page

Dairy Products Visit - Learn about milk production, dairy products and cows (Y2-Y6)
Easter Dairy Visits - Learning about milk production and thanking the cows for the milk for our chocolate eggs (YN-Y1)
Nature Orienteering - Learn about the nature around you as you use your map to orientate yourself around wood and farm land.  After all the hard work, there will be a trailer ride back. (Y2-Y6)

The Outreach Session is great as a follow up to do this term, especially if you have already done a Habitats visit, but it is also great to do as a stand alone workshop. 

Please message me for availability

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