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Outreach Session

Owl Pellet Dissection - Science Workshop
Age Group Suitability  Y2 - Y6

Your class will explore real Owl Pellets which will reveal what they have eaten, learning about food chains from first hand and the importance of a healthy ecosystem. The children really love this session. As a primary school teacher myself, I have delivered this session many times and the children are always fascinated. 

This session not only will explore food chains but also bones and how mammal bones show similarities with our own.

They will each record the bones they discovered by attaching them to some card which can be taken home or used to create a display in school. 

There is a charge for this session - £100 initial charge plus £2.50 per child for a half day session (up to 18 children). If booked for the whole day shared between two groups (splitting a larger class in two or two different smaller classes) the fee for the second session would be £50 plus £2.50 per child. These fees include travel costs within 30 miles radius. For further distances please contact me to discuss.

I will bring all the resources needed and will supply you with a risk assessment. I can also supply you with photos, titles/captions and flow diagrams/ identification keys to form an informative classroom display - free of charge.
If you are interested, please contact me with class size, age group and school address.

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